Advertising: Promotional Items Capture Customers

Advertising promotional items remain an excellent opportunity to capture and retain new customers. In an era when technology is decreasing the effectiveness of many advertising media, company promotional items are becoming an increasingly important way to reach valued consumers.

While new advertising channels are making inroads into the marketing budgets traditionally reserved for mass media such as television and print, promotional products remain a unique advertising opportunity that is undiminished by technological advances that are hurting, or threatening traditional media as a way to reach high-value demographics and large audiences in general.

Why Promo Items Still Work

Advertising promotional items are still a valuable resource to any marketer because their ability to reach customers or potential customers is inherent in their usefulness. While an advertising medium like television is threatened by the increase in the number of channels through digital cable and satellite offerings, as well as the ability to skip commercials using DVR technology, the promotional message in a promo item is physically part of the product. There are no commercials to skip, just a useful product and a brand message that gets seen with every use.

The Promotional Industry on the Rise

Currently at almost $18 billion in the United States alone, the promotional products industry is booming right now because it can offer what many other advertisers can’t: a reliable means for advertisers to get their message to the desired audience. The sheer abundance of advertising messages directed at consumers is astounding, and as a result, many messages get filtered out. It is common knowledge that it takes repeated exposure before a brand message is internalized by a customer, and promotional items are an ideal way to get the repeated exposure necessary to be effective as advertising.

Targeted and Measurable

Two of the great strengths of web-based advertising are the ability to target ads to the most appropriate audience and the ability to track the effectiveness of campaigns. Implemented properly, promotional advertising products can be used in ways that are highly targeted and their advertising value can be measured. For example, using trackable, unique web site addresses or coupon codes in conjunction with a promo item can help your marketing team determine the ROI.

Promos as Part of Your Promotional Plan

Ultimately, promotional items are going to be one part of your overall marketing and promotion strategy, but they are definitely an important part that shouldn’t be ignored. They are a perfect way to give intangible services or value a physical representation and to achieve the kind of repeated exposure that is necessary to create real brand awareness.


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