Business Corporate Gifts: When to Share with the Office

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When giving a business corporate gift, it can be a bit tricky to decide when to give a client gift to a single contact, and when to give a gift that the whole business or office can share. Sometimes it is appropriate to do both. While there are no hard and fast rules about when to give to the business versus an individual, we do have some guidelines that may help and some suggestions that would make great business corporate gifts for the whole office.

When to Spread It Out
Typically, a corporate executive gift given around the holidays is given to a business rather than an individual when there is frequent contact with multiple individuals or the whole office rather than a single client point of contact. This type of relationship is frequent in cases where two companies have a close relationship, working on many projects together throughout the year, or in industries where multiple individuals are interacting on both sides to get things done. A shareable group gift recognizes the importance of the whole team that is involved. Often these gifts are not simply a thank you for being a large customer, but an appreciation of the partnership and cooperation between two companies. A shareable holiday gift also gives you the opportunity to thank people you may not know well (or at all), but who contribute to the relationship.

When to Stick to Your Main Client
On the other hand, if you’re giving a client gift and there’s really only one or two people involved, it usually makes more sense to give a gift directly to those contacts. This allows you to focus more on what they would appreciate, and gives you the opportunity to select something more personal. Holiday gift giving may be one of the few opportunities you have to extend your relationship – and your brand – into a customer’s personal sphere in a way that is appropriate and appreciated. For example, selecting a client corporate gift that would be used at home or in the car instead of in an office environment. Gifts for an office to share tend to be limited to things that can be enjoyed in the office.

Give Gifts Both Ways
Of course, there’s always the option to give a more personal gift to your primary client and a gift that can be shared in the office more generally. Pairing a personal gift with a shareable gift like food is a good way to let your primary contact feel appreciated and recognizing their co-workers. You can even leave it up to them to decide. What to Choose

When picking a business corporate gift for an office to share, there are quite a few choices. Obviously food gifts and food or wine gift baskets are ideal for sharing in an office, but they aren’t the only choice. Promotional wall clocks can be used in an office, or even custom imprinted appliances like an espresso maker. A set of mugs or glasses can also be a great gift for an office. In general, when giving an office corporate gift, the best items are things that can be used, eaten, or enjoyed in the office, but are specifically things that make the office more comfortable and more like home.


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