What Makes a Gift Item Promotional?

Business gifts are a common, and effective, ways to recognize top clients, but even though many companies have recognized the value in branding their business gifts there are still companies who miss out on this great opportunity to increase the value of their brand. What makes a gift item promotional? A little creativity. Typically items are imprinted with your logo and tagline, but the best promotional gift items are carefully conceived and executed.


Get Your Logo on Everything Why not put your logo on everything you do? It’s your brand, and you should promote it! Does your tagline explain what makes you different – and better – than the competition? If so, use it. If not, change it. A logo and tagline never takes away from the perceived value of a well-chosen gift, and it always does more to achieve your goals than a gift without your corporate image and message. Also, always keep in mind your gift item promotional goal and make sure you’re focused on that end result. Your gift selection and imprinting should be a reflection of your goal.

Make Your Imprints Count From a small logo tastefully laser engraved to a colorful logo and clever tagline, there are many ways to imprint with impact. If you’ve decided to give a brand name shirt, consider embroidering your logo tastefully on the sleeve. Make your imprinting appropriate for the item, but always remember that your customers like your company and your promotional gift item will remind them of that every time they use it.

Let No Gift Giver Go Forgotten The bottom line is that you should never let a gift giver get forgotten – especially if it’s you! Keep your focus on the goal of your business gift promotional item, increasing sales with your customers, and remember that promoting your brand and what makes you better than the competition is how you will achieve the goal of your gift.

Choose Your Gifts Wisely Look around you, in your office, on the street or anywhere, and you’ll find yourself surrounded with promotional gift items being used by yourself and the people around you. From umbrellas and tote bags to pens and post-its, promotional products are everywhere, and they get used because people find them useful. Figure out what your customers would want and where you want to reach them and there is a promotional gift item just waiting to be given, and appreciated.



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